2015-2016: BBSA- Georgia developed a project with the financial support of the OSI to analyze and identify key and challenging issues in the pharmaceutical market in Georgia. The team of experts analyzed major studies previously undertaken in Georgia.  The information was updated and complemented through the interviews with policy makers, patients, experts and other stakeholders to understand the changes, current trends and challenges. The network of organizations, experts and stakeholders were identified and formed in order to advocate for better policies in terms of accessibility and availability of medicine. The important information resource was created to understand the issue of availability and accessibility of medicine. http://newscafe.ge/pharmastories/


2013 – Campaigning on human rights issues for policy development.

With the financial support of OSI, Baltic to Black See Alliance Georgia has initiated campaigns on human rights issues for policy development. The project brought important issues of health rights into the classrooms of master’s degree programs in Public Relations and Journalism at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA); the program has placed a heavy emphasis on “hands-on” applied learning. Every PR and journalism student has developed a campaign and a story concerning a human rights topic. The cooperation between NGO’s and PR/journalism students was beneficial for both sides. Students became more knowledgeable about the certain issues regarding mental health, physical disability, and gender discrimination; they have planned real campaigns. Students understanding significantly have improved in the field of human rights, and especially issues concerning the stigma and discrimination because of non-existing adequate services, regulations and policies. NGOs, on the other hand, got fresh ideas for campaigns and PR strategies using web platforms for publishing their stories. www.newscafe.ge /humanrightsstories.


2012 – “Wake-up & Stop Hep C!” – Public Awareness, Professional Training, Media Advocacy and Patient Active IT-support Campaign in response of rising challenges of Hepatitis C infection in Georgia. Project was funded by the OSI-Georgia;

The project has improved the societal literacy; increased awareness regarding Hepatitis C by distributing most trustful and updated information using different media channels (Internet, Facebook, Radio). Project participants told stories of patients and their relatives describing their struggles against powerful disease while coping with psychological trauma and stigma. The project became one of the best examples of campaigning for other post-Soviet countries, which face the same challenges.


2011 – Europe House Georgia, Program European Links connecting pro-European future, Ukraine study trip sharing experience on successful media campaigns on health and social issues. October 9-22, 2011


2010 – Monitoring of Election campaign coverage in broadcast media and creating information forum on professional journalism in Georgia

The group of media experts has monitored GBP and other leading media outlets during the election period; the study results and professional standards of journalism were discussed during the weekly talk show on the GPB. March 15-May 15, 2010


2009/2010: BBSA Latvia’s former Chairperson Sarmīte Ēlerte has produced an initial report on media freedom issues in Georgia, following her study visit to Tbilisi in January, 2009. Following this report, BBSA has taken part in developing a project on how to improve media freedom, editorial independence, media ethics, media legislation and media monitoring issues in Georgia by attracting international expertise from Sweden, Poland, United Sates of America, France, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Latvia and Germany. Sarmīte Ēlerte led the team of international experts to Tbilisi on their first visit during December 2009. BBSA – Georgia is the sister-organization of the BBSA.