We strive for free, democratic society in Georgia

Baltic to Black See Alliance – Georgia

About us

Baltic to Black Sea Alliance – Georgia is a non- governmental organization registered in Georgia in 2009 with the aim to facilitate consolidation of free, democratic, socially and politically vocal society in Georgia.  Organization has gained a reputation of being independent, from  governmental subordination. It’s open for networking and partnership with organizations and humans who strive for democratic development of Georgia.  Organization facilitates a dialogue between people through different countries, fields and professions.   BBSA- Georgia is an actor working in the field of media and human rights, media and health literacy.

Baltic to Black Sea Alliance – Georgia is a daughter company of Baltic to Black Sea Alliance (BBSA), an International NGO Alliance for Regional Security and Democracy. The Alliance was founded on October 31, 2008 in Riga as a reaction to Georgia-Russia war.

Aims of the BBSA-Georgia:

To help create and maintain professional, editorially independent, plural and free mass media environment in Georgia and facilitate its continuous development.

To help create, maintain and promote high professional and ethical standards for mass media in Georgia by introducing the best European (and Western in general) practices.

To facilitate the development of the new mass media in Georgia and the Internet media in particular by also promoting its usage.

To facilitate the development of civic journalism in Georgia that will assist overall democratization processes in the society.

To promote European values in social awareness campaigns.

To facilitate effective communication between media, governmental and non-governmental organizations in order to stimulate the public debate on different socio-cultural issues.

To promote health and media literacy projects.

To work on promoting new innovative tools in Georgia in media/health communication.

Our Team

Tiko Tsomaia
Ina Meladze
Nana Agapishvili
Elene Lomadze
Rusudan Zaalishvili